Local food of Argentina

Whilst in Argentina we ate so much food it would be rude not to share our mouthwatering experiences with you all! Our first post was obviously about their amazing meat! It’s not all about the meat… It’s about meat, mate and dulce de leche….

Choripan (chorizo in bread)

Is a typical a South American snack we had our first taste near the nature reserve in Buenos Aires. The chorizo is more like a sausage rather than the cured meat as we know it. They had a variety of condiments and salad to accompany it but our friend told us that adding anything but chimichurri will ruin it jaja(haha)! Chimichurri is a sauce made with parsley, garlic, oil, vinegar and oregano and its added it to lots of dishes especially asado(BBQ).




Empanadas are delicious pastry snacks with many fillings available such as jamon y queso (ham and cheese) Carne (mince), Caprese (cheese, tomato and basil) , queso y cebola (cheese and onion) Pollo (chicken). They are pretty similar to a Cornish pasties at home but much lighter and tastier! You can have them fried or baked obviously the fried ones taste nicer but are less healthy. You must try them while in Argentina they are the perfect snack on the go.





We went to the best pizza place in Buenos Aires “El Cuarito” It was so busy there were no tables to sit but you could order take away or one slice and stand at the ledge it was a great atmosphere but would of been nicer with some space instead of being elbowed by the guy next to us who liked his space! South Americans like pizza with a chunky base and a mountain of cheese. We were advised to have a “fugazzeta” which is cheese and onion. We only managed one slice but it was yummy!!


Argentina has a huge Italian influence therefore they eat a lot of pasta. Most places sell fresh pasta and we got to try typical ravioli stuffed with spinach and a creamy sauce it was lovey. Even the dried packaged pasta is very tasty compared to the one we buy at home. We went to the small country shop which sold lots of fresh products such as cheese,cured meats, bread, homemade dulce de leche, herbs and spices. They also had a variety of freshly picked mushrooms from just a few fields away! We snapped up some mushrooms and goats cheese and Chris made a delicious pasta for lunch!


Dulce de leche

It translates as sugar and milk and is basically caramel that Argentinians use for absolutely everything, breakfast on bread, crackers, add onto fruit, over any deserts and if you buy any sweet or cakes it’s sure to have dulce de leche on it or inside. One night we went a walk around Recoleta and stopped for ice cream. Of course we had to try dulce de leche ice cream. It almost tasted like our Scottish tablet ice cream!

Here is Chris enjoying a typical breakfast of mate and dulce de leche on crackers and Messi copying him haha!


Yerba Mate

Mate is a herbal tea enjoyed in many countries in South America. It is traditionally drank out a gourd (made from cabaça fruit shell) filled 3/4 with mate leaves and then add hot water. The water is not boiled as using boiling water has links to being carcinogenic, this is only connected to the temperature of the tea and not the tea its self. The kettles even have a mate setting. It is then drank through a bombilla (metal straw) it can be very bitter when you first try but as you get used to it it tastes good and refreshing. We were lucky enough to already like mate as we enjoyed it with South American friends in Australia. It is normal meet up with friends for mate where it is sort of a ritual: The person in charge of the mate will pour in the water and pass around everyone always going back to the same person to refill with water.




Panaderia (bakery)

There are many local bakeries all around. We had a wonderful experience in the local one in Dolores. Although we couldn’t speak Spanish the baker was so friendly our friend translated for us. She told us she would love to visit Europe and gave us lots of freebies because she wanted us to try them. She was so sweet! And the pastries and treats were out of this world. Just the sugar rush we needed for our hangover! There are many types of sweets alfajores which is typically three layers of sponge put together with dulce de leche you can by many different types of these prepacked but they don’t taste as good as freshly made that day! They have many pastries or croissants either sweet or salty and you will find some with dulce de leche or quince and custard. Quince paste is kind of like a jam made from the Quince fruit which they also enjoy along with cheese for desert.



Look out soon for our blog on healthy eating. This delicious food has gave us some inspiration to eat healthy on the road.. Let’s see how the temptation goes!!!


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