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Was it worth it Wednesday?

Where have we been?

Santa Marta, Cartagena & Medellin (Colombia)

Moving countries next week!

Where have we stayed?

1 night @ hostel Miramar 60,000 pesos, £15 small clean room, relaxed atmosphere, free breakfast, good wifi

3 nights @ unnamed hostel: 50,000 pesos, £12.50  Private room, Shared Bathroom, ok wifi

1 night @ Playa Blanca: 50,000 pesos, £12.50 Room in a hut, Bed literally on the sand, Share Toilets, No Shower, No wifi

1 Overnight bus: Free Sleep (if you can call it sleep)

1 Night @ Hotel Neuva Samatarini: 38,000 pesos, £9.50 Clean hotel, Private bathroom, Our first warm water shower in Colombia.



Santa Marta-Cartagena

Cartagena – Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca – Cartagena

Cartagena – Medellin:

Total transport: 

What have we done?

Chilled at the beach: Free

Cartagena Free Walking tour: 20,000 £5 donation

Nights out @ Havana, Bahai club:


Total cost of Experiences: 

What have we spent?

Still on a £50 per day budget  £350 per week.

Total Accommodation: 298,000 pesos, £74.50

Total Food: £73.50

Total spent: 


What we loved?
What we learned?

  • Never ever EVER go on an overnight bus straight from the beach in beach clothes, forgetting to take jumpers and throws out of your backpacks, especially when its an express 12 hours no stopping to get into the bunker.  its blasting out air-con!
  • That we can salsa… But need lots of practice! or maybe a lesson or 2!
  • One conversation with someone on a bench in the middle of a city can lead to an amazing friendship!
  • It can be very difficult to find a vegetarian restaurant in a new city!

How’s the Spanish going?

Chris is now able to have some jokes in Spanish! As we were drinking our coconuts on the street a man  was trying to tell her they were too small. So when Chris went to pay the woman she asked for 7000 pesos, we usually only pay around 2000 or 3000 pesos each. He laughed and pointed at the huge one and said “No Senorita, Muy Cairo, 7000 par uno grande”

We made a friend in Cartagena who had little English, and with our little Spanish we were able to have 2 full amazing nights out and lots of wonderful conversations. There were miss-communications but we always figured out what the meaning was eventually.

When Nic was trying to order a melon fruit juice the waiter brought over a Milo milkshake!